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I am dont leaving from unp said harin fernando

Plans are afoot to provide loans at low interest rates for those building eco-friendly ‘Green Houses’ says Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB) Chairman Dr. Rohan Karunaratne.

During a special discussion with he added that discussions are ongoing with several banks in this regard.

He pointed out that construction of environment friendly Green Buildings is the latest world trend and that Sri Lanka already moving towards the construction of more and more eco-friendly buildings is very significant.

“The the initial capital might be a bit more in the construction of a Green Building, dividends could be gained after about three years.

“The cost of electricity, power etc is lower in a Green Building. So the owners gain long term benefits from such buildings,” said Rohan Karunaratne.

He also added that the CIOB is preparing to award certifications to Green Buildings in Sri Lanka.